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Infectious Disease

Dr. J. Agustin Lacson, MD specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of care -from the management of simple Infections to the most unusual of diseases. We offer antibiotic infusion 7 days a week.

What Is an ID Specialist?

Infectious Disease Specialists are like medical detectives. They examine difficult cases, looking for clues to Identify the culprit and solve the problem. Your ID Physician has 9-10 years of specialized education and training: 4 years of medical school, 3 years training as a doctor of Internal medicine, and 2-3 years specialized training in I nfectious Diseases. Our ID specialists are Board Certified, meaning they have passed a certification examination by the American Board of Internal Medicine - both In Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases.


Many common Infections can be treated by your personal physician. In cases where an infection is difficult to diagnose, or does not respond to treatment, your doctor might refer you to an Infectious Disease specialist.


ID special ists review your medical data, Including X-rays and laboratory reports such as: blood work, cultures and pathology data. They also perform a phYSical exam to help determine the cause of the problem.