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At the Office of Dr Lacson we are concerned for your health and comfort. We impress you, our customer, with the quality and timeliness of our services in a pleasant and compassionate way. We answer and explain all procedures

and treatments and continuously promote a spirit of caring in a healing environment.


Patients seeking safe, comfortable, convenient alternative to inpatient care can receive their Antibiotic Infusion at the office of Dr Lacson, who is always available, increasing the quality of care and reducing the risk of hospital readmission.


Patients with Medicare, we will bill medicare Part B saving the patients Part D for their home medications and avoiding the "Donut Hole". We can bill all other insurance and obtain prior approval so you are fully informed of any cost in advance. Antibiotic infusion therapy is covered in the Physician Office that would otherwise not be reimbursed in a home care setting.


For patients who require infusion therapy during their hospitalization, we can decrease the length of stay providing those services on an outpatient basis.


Our Office is staffed with Nurses specifically trained in infusion therapy. Patients enjoy the comforts of recliner chairs, complimentary beverages and snacks.


Our Office is open seven days a week and will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Open 7 Days a Week • Tel 863~385~6700