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Most people tend to confuse cellulitis with cellulite - a fairly common skin condition. Cellulitis is a serious skin infection usually caused by strep or staph bacteria strains. You can contract cellulitis from cuts or breaks in the skin - anything that might let the bacteria into your body.

Protect your skin with regular checkups.

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-  Broken skin or cuts feel warm

-  Skin is red and swollen

-  Red skin is developing streaks

-  Skin is tender to the touch

-  Fever or chills


Symptoms in adults usually appear on the arms and legs. Children tend to get them on the face or anus.

Cellulitis symptoms:

As with many diseases, you can't sit back and hope the symptoms go away on their own - this gives the infection time to borrow even deeper into your body.


When you notice symptoms - especially near the eyes or on the face - please set up an appointment with our helpful and caring staff. We'll get treatment started right away!

Get your symptoms checked

With the blood stream, lymph nodes, and even bone health at risk, it is important to stop cellulitis before it spreads any further than the initial infection site.

Stop cellulitis before it spreads

Cellulitis is

caused by infection

and is treatable!